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Complete Garage Systems
Complete Mobile Garage

Complete Mobile Garage Systems

Our Complete mobile garage systems include everything you need to get started with your own NASCAR style touring system. The Following systems are designed with storage and mobility in mind.

Starter Touring System (Trailer, 2 cabinets, Trailer Conversion, Securing systems).

Racer's Touring System (Trailer, 4 cabinets*, Trailer Conversion, Securing systems)

Conissuer's Touring System (Trailer, 6 cabinets**, Trailer Conversion, Securing systems, 1 fold out TV monitor)

Collector's Museum Touring System (Trailer, 6 Cabinets**, 3 countertops, 2 fold out TV monitors, integrated 500 watt 8 channel mixing & stereo system with PA capability.)

* Use of 4 cabinets limits trailer car storage capacity to 20''.

**Use of 6 cabinets limits trailer car storage capacity to 18'l.