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Complete Garage Systems
Complete Mobile Garage


Garage Fabricators started with a central idea: That most garage cabinet systems are poorly put together and not set to move from location to location. In some instances, a collector or connoisseur may have over a million dollars in vehicles in his or her garage, but they most likely only have a poorly disguised particleboard garage cabinet system in their “Sanctuary”.

Garage Fabricators cases are designed with the “no compromise” owner in mind. Only the finest materials have been used in their construction, and no shortcuts are taken in their production to accommodate the “common market”.

In addition, these owners may want to “take their garage with them” to races, classic cars shows or rallies. The Garage Fabricators system allows the owner to load 4-6 cases (in essence, their NASCAR type touring garage) into a standard 8.5’ wide car trailer and still get their vehicle in behind it. This allows them to setup a full, first class “pit” style setup rather than loading all of their tools & supplies into rubber bins.

The Full Garage Fabricators treatment also includes the modification of a car trailer to allow for the safe & easy transport of these cases. We install two rows of E-Track from front to back so we can secure loads anywhere in the trailer. We also install ramps over the threshold and from the car ramp to the floor. These two areas make it very difficult to load anything with wheels smaller than 12”. This problem is taken care of with the Garage Fabricators System.

Garage Fabricators is a division of GFLP and HMC Display, which is a manufacturing company founded in Central California in 1967. We currently operate factories and warehouses in Madera, CA and Charlotte, NC that total over 50,000 square feet.